Annie the golden retriever 
      relaxing on dog bed

"Tiffany, You are the best! We are so impressed with you! Thank you for being so wonderful to Annie and all the dogs!"

-Annie's mom

Yellow Labrador smiling for camera

"Tiffany! You're letter was a riot! I came home to see Sammie in his blue hankie and he looked so handsome! He smelled SO good, too! How can I ever thank you enough for taking such wonderful care of my beloved pooch!...the epitome of ultimate care! Thank you so much, Tiffany, you're wonderful!"

-Sammie's mom

Miniature schnauzer sleeping 
on a cushion

"Thank you very much for taking good care of Lucky and especially for keeping her for an extended stay. We are very fortunate to know you!"

-Lucky's mom

Two standard poodles sleeping
 on the couch

"Bo and Allie are still telling me what a great time they had with you. They are looking forward to another visit soon."

-Bo and Allie's mom

Dogs playing in front of a fence

"I'm so glad we met you. Rocky doesn't want to come home. I think he has more fun at your house."

-Rocky's mom and dad